Multinational company announces millionaire investment in Brazilian coffee

A multinational company from Singapore confirmed to the Espírito Santo government that it will invest U $ 130 million (about R $ 500 million) to build a soluble coffee factory.

Olam International, which has a global presence in commercialization in sectors such as coffee, spices, sugar, grains and nuts, as well as in the agricultural production of Brazilian lands.

The negotiation was carried out by the President of the company, Vivek Verma. Olam has been operating in Espirito Santo since 2005, working with exports of all coffee grades. In 2012, it opened its own warehouse in Nova Venécia, focusing on the commercialization of Conilon. Muniz Freire’s plant, inaugurated this year, is focused on the export of Arabica coffee.

Fonte: Globo

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