Electric sector and oil companies will be forced to invest in research on alternative sources of energy

The Environment Committee (CMA) approved a project that forces electric sector companies and the oil industry to invest up to 1% of gross revenue in research on alternative sources of energy. Of the amount invested, almost half will go to projects related to smart grid technology, energy storage, energy efficiency, low-carbon technology and wind, solar, biomass, hydro, qualified and tidal power cogeneration projects.

According to the project, 40% of resources destined for development and innovation must be invested in alternative sources by 2020. The author’s intention, Senator Cristovam Buarque (PPS-DF), is to direct part of the resources that distributors, generators and transmitters of electric energy are already required to invest in research and development to projects related to alternative and renewable energy.

According to Buarque, the great merit of the proposal is to offer concrete instruments to increase the participation of renewable sources in the Brazilian energy matrix. “It makes perfect sense for companies that profit from exploiting traditional sources of energy to fund research that is designed to make large-scale exploitation of clean and renewable energy” he said.

Source: Ambiente Energia

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